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Facility Management

What is Facility Management

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. Facilities management includes: ... Occupancy and space management. Employee and occupant experience. Emergency management and business continuity.

What we Offer

When you work with NMR you bring in a partner with significant experience and skill in the rechnical and service management, which means that your property will be well looked after, you'll comply with all regulations and your tenants will be happier.

What do you need as a property Owner?

  1. Manage Utilities

  2. Optimize building maintenance costs and operations

  3. Maintain the quality of the building

  4. Manage the technical service maintenance
  5. Coordinate the relevant consultants and suppliers contracted to carry out maintenace work

What do we offer You?

Utilities Management
We ensure that there's sufficient supply of utilities to property and that each tenant is responsible for their bills.

Bulding and Survey Analysis
We ensure that your property is in proper structural and maintenance condition and meets the required regulatory standards to minimize risks ans liabilities.

Tendering and Procurement Management
We ensure that your property gets attended with the right expertise and components.

Co-ordination of Project
We are capable of coordinating repairs and refurbishments, acquisition, occupation and exit/disposal and any subject property.

Legal and Statutory Compliance We will make sure your property is completely complaint with laws and regulations i.e payment of land rates and rent.

How will you Benefit

  1. Lower costs through our advice and action i.e enforcing the payment of utilities

  2. Expertly managed procurement which will aid in getting the best possible deals and secure quality service products

  3. Local expertise which means we can manage your properties without the need of a third party

Interior of Residential Houses

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